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Infrastructure and construction sectors are the crucial drivers of a country’s economy and have a direct relation with the growth of population. The increasing infrastructural demands of the burgeoning population in our country have impacted evidently upon the natural and environmental resources. The situation today has pressured the thinkers to opt for sustainable constructional solutions, wherein eco-friendliness as have evolved as a prime element. The Green Building Momentum has evidently gained a further boost since 2002 and is on a constant ascending phase. Today, India has over 2,380 registered green building projects and is amongst the top five countries in the world involved in spearheading the global green building movement. In addition, by the year 2030, the building stock in India is expected to reach 100 billion sq ft from the prevalent 25 billion sq ft.

The GREEN CITIES FORUM 2014 by Elets Technomedia aims to track the evolving pace of Green Construction Revolution being witnessed in India. The platform aims to engage distinct array of experts involved in the Green Building Movement who are reforming the construction outlook of our country.